Saturday, 28 June 2008


Its funny how when you leave for a place foreign, every item you fill your luggage seems to bring hefty nostalgia and unfound reminiscence as these thoughts weigh you down.

And when you bid goodbye and once again, attempting the same cycle, every item seems to weigh a little too prodigious in your grasp now; the simple mechanical movement of the arm seems dilatory with the rumination of memories.

This infallibly would be my last blog post in MC and I am uncertain whether I would be coming back in the near future. The friendships forged were undeniably unique from the ones back home, the process of breaking down the barrier of different nationalities with distinct cultural differences became made it special at heart. Not many would actually be able to live and interact with a plethora of nationalities (norweigians, germans, koreans, japanese and thai) at any the same given time.

Thank god for the invention of e-mail, the world definitely seems smaller with it.

It's time to start this all over again =)

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Tian Jin

So last sunday I went Tian Jin with 5 Koreans, 2 Japanese, 2 Thais and 1 Australian/Singapore (chloe is kinda of lost as to which nationality she is).

We sat on some gorgeous train which cost us 10sgd to go there; the seats damn business-class man.

So without further-a-do here are the pictures!

Niang (thai) going crazy with cam-whoring.

Chloe (pink) and Yumi (blue) totally chilaxing

I forgot their names but they are koreans LOL. They arent in my class lar!

Mini (korean) sitting next to the window. I joke with her saying I am a large. No sexual connotations PLEASE.

Yumi and Yun Mei (korean) with hairband.

Hideous CCTV tower on the right

Chloe going mad with her winnie balloon.

Manami (jap) with her Lays apple chips.

Posing with the 3SGD wind mill thing crap that yun mee bought for herself.

Lee mei li (korean) and chloe posing at a lavish restaurant at tianjin selling 狗不理包子。 which tasted like normal buns and we were ripped off - damn exhorbitant.

Crap next week I will be back... I am so going to miss the nice people and the great times here.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Chengdu/ Sichuan

Ok, so it has been eons since I have even accessed my blog. Blogging is tiring and very sian. Really.. Uploading pictures can be a chore too.. Oh well, I am going to write less and upload more pics, here goes..

峨嵋山/Emei Mountain

紫竹林/bamboo forest

Some random SiChuan Arts Centre

I totally loved the performance from this troupee man! Go check out the videos I posted below.. Easily one of the best stage entertainment performances!

Funny Knife Throwing Act

Try This!!

Funny Act

Dont try this at home

Swords Play